Our Story

Our fantastic ice-cream balls in liquid nitrogen are an ice-cream revolution – and a recipe for success!

The innovative form, good quality and delicious taste are supported by over 20 years of experience on the market in various countries, a chain of trustworthy partners and a well-developed infrastructure.

Mini Melts is one of the pioneers of making ice cream using the cryogenic method and remains a global leader in its production. The company’s originators and founders, Tom Mosey and Nick Angus, who met in college, conducted successful ice-cream experiments already in the 90s. Shortly afterwards, they patented the method they had invented.

With an international expansion focused particularly on Asia
(South Korea and Singapore), the brand has revolutionized the ice-cream industry
and became successful all over the world.

South Korea

is the global superpower in the production of our ice-cream delicacies.

The country is the home of the biggest technology and research centre, where new methods of making ice-cream in liquid nitrogen and bold recipes (lines of products served at -20 and -40 Celsius degrees) are tested and refined. Korea is also where the milk and sorbet balls Mini Melts Big are produced – the only place in the world to make this delicious product.


factory Rūjienas Saldējums

In Europe, Mini Melts ice cream is made by the famous Latvian factory Rūjienas Saldējums. It has been making traditional ice cream for more than 100 years: natural, made with fresh milk and cream from local suppliers and the best ingredients from organic farming. With no palm oil or artificial preservatives.


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