Everyone knows ice cream, right? And it’s hard to put a new product on the market, isn’t it? Not with Mini Melts. Innovative technology behind the product has become one of success factors and a guarantee of both high quality and perfect taste. So, let us explain how Mini Melts are made.

The unique texture of individual balls is
owed to a patented​

cryogenic technology

with liquid nitrogen at


This technology does not change the structure of the components of the dessert, and the speed of freezing eliminates the storage of water in the product, preserving its natural taste. Mini Melts contain no artificial preservatives or genetically modified ingredients. The fantastic colours are the result of using only natural food colourings. Mini Melts does not contain air bubbles.


Surprise customers with
 deliciousice cream desserts!

Worldwide, Mini Melts is sold in the most iconic flavours, loved by the clients:
mint chocolate, Moose Tracks®, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, banana split, bubble gum, cotton candy, tiramisu, lemon lime, cookie & cream.

All flavours are very intense, and vivid colours come from natural food colouring only.
We’re still working on new recipes to provide you and your clients with wide range of the best flavours on a seasonal basis.


Mini Melts are unique
not only because of their form
(beads), but also because of
how they are served.


Mini Melts are unique
not only because of their form
(beads), but also because of
how they are served.

Mini Melts BIG

Mini Melts Big balls are 50 times larger than our standard beads.
Produced by only one factory in South Korea, they are globally unique,
a fresh offer for your customers.

The fascinating flavours and a variety of options make Mini Melts Big
a good choice for both distributors and customers.
Mini Melts Big can be milk-based or sorbet, suitable for those
with lactose intolerance.​


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